Sunday, 26 May 2013

made it threw my most remote aria so far, nearly 400km with one overpriced servo, now in townsville, its been really nice to watch the cenery change from harsh sevanah to tropical townsville.
on the way Ive had a little troube with a new chain that just ceped stretching but Ive put the old one back on and its all good

Sunday, 19 May 2013

I had a bit of chain trouble getting into canavron gorge, but a new chain sorted it oult protty well, the gorge was spectacular and worth the torchourious ride in.

coming out I discovered a fairly serious crack in the panel frame and had to borrow a local farmers welder to put it togeather. this and gained expierence of how the bike actually behaves in dirt when ladern made me reconsider my goal of the compass points, this bike is not going to make it to cape york and then arond australia, its just not, so the plan now is just to go arond australia, not the the extremes of its geagraphy.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

up untill this morining Id been having a great couple of days, resnable sun and tailwinds and a really nice camp last night
. todays story is 60km into the day I pulled of the side of the road to let a perticully wide truck parts ( I toock the hint from the 2 escort cars before it and the fact that cars coing the outher way pulled right of the road. the side of the road was increadably steep and I maneged to roll the trike pannel resting on the gound ( sorry no photoes, I wasent being a potographer at the time)
frount wheel and fork fucked, badly. got into town came back a new wheel, bent the forckes back a bit ( worped the outher wheel at the sime time), finally limped the 25km or so into Roma and this afternoon after numerious trips to the tip the bike is running agean, but with no suspenchon on one side, and pink forkes.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

finally made it threw brysbane with a new rear ayxle, the original ( second) was never in good condition and the thred on the motor side had finally compleatly died, making the bike farly unridabe. nievlay I thaught that Id be able to get hold of any old rear ayxle and have it fit. how wrong I was. no bike shops in brysbane had long enough exles in stock and the engeneering world never uses that kind of thred. finally a bike shop was able to order a couple in. im finally heading back inland, a bit in parst towomba tonight.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

into qld today, no border or gold coast photoes unforchenatly I had little disire to stop as I went threw, pretty beaches though. tonight Im somehre between the gold coast and brysbane, not being able to use the main transport ruotes( freeways) that the whole road system revolves arond makes navigation a compleate nightmere.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

I finished working with rickshaws on sunday/ monday morning  its great to be outside in the daylight. new tires on the trike, and I replaced the remaining original spokes on the rear wheel, interesting to see how long they last.

today I rode the trike up to the lighthouse and walked to the end of cape Byron, the most easterly point of the Australian mainland.