Sunday, 12 May 2013

up untill this morining Id been having a great couple of days, resnable sun and tailwinds and a really nice camp last night
. todays story is 60km into the day I pulled of the side of the road to let a perticully wide truck parts ( I toock the hint from the 2 escort cars before it and the fact that cars coing the outher way pulled right of the road. the side of the road was increadably steep and I maneged to roll the trike pannel resting on the gound ( sorry no photoes, I wasent being a potographer at the time)
frount wheel and fork fucked, badly. got into town came back a new wheel, bent the forckes back a bit ( worped the outher wheel at the sime time), finally limped the 25km or so into Roma and this afternoon after numerious trips to the tip the bike is running agean, but with no suspenchon on one side, and pink forkes.

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