Friday, 29 March 2013

Ive been seeing heaps of silos next to the railway lines, seriously impressive structures and it really hilights the impotence of rail in our transport system, sadly it seems to be increasingly taken over by trucks ( that constantly pass me out here)

fairly crap afternoon yesterday  cold wet and windy brief discussion with the cops, they'd had calls that Id been ' in the middle of the road' well middle of the lane as I was sick of fighting the camber to stay on the road and was pissed of about a flat caused by pulling off to the side. fair enough though it was a 110 section of road, I fought the shoulder from then on. at least I made good mileage and had a nice sunset at the end of the day.
 and to day I got to drop in to the parks radio telescope, it broadcast part of the first lunar landing and I beleave at least was the largest in the southern hemisphere.

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  1. Is that the 'impotence' or 'importance' of rail? Both could be seen as valid commments.