Friday, 15 March 2013

made it to the Mornington peninsula last night, almost to where I was staying almoast being give or take 10km. in the morning I figured that I had at least 30ah of battery, plus whatever I could pull in from the sun. it turns out I only had at most 23ah stored. darn.
This sharp realisation occur'd at night, about 205km after Wilsons prom, on the free way   witch witch had a really good shoulder and was way safer than most of the hiways Id been on all day. it was also a fundamental part of the directions I had been given.
of cause when I loose power I also loose lights, and inevitably a cop car pulled up apparently they'd had reports of some weird tricycle on the road and didn't know what to expect, they were really good, especially considering that I was technically illegally on the road (side) and had just lost my lights. it seemed to make their night far more interesting and wile one looked at my ID the outer was asking if he could take a photo. pretty quickly my friend turned up with a Ute and the cops helped us load up, thanks guys.
it was a tense time but a good learning experience with no fine, or broken things so a good lesson. stop at 50V.
the best part is that the cops took a photo

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