Sunday, 21 July 2013

bit of a drama for the last week or so
so, the story for the last couple of days, in short, I was kindly donated a mutch needed set of new tires in tennent ck, the last set in tennent creek to I only left with one spare, its worth noting that the tires dident have an ideal tread... patten. a combenation of harsh roads, poor quaity tires and slightly misalighned wheels I had compleatly eaten front right and back tires by renner springs ( 160km) knowing that my next posable bike shop was kathrane ( about 500km) and knowing that my one spare wouldent be enough, I parked the bike at renner springs ( thankyou to the manegment for all your help and support) and in the morning hiched up to kathrane with some fellow travelers ( about 500km) discoverd all the shops closed because of the local show. I spent the night at a backpacers (I had almost nothing with me so no camping), the next morning ( satterday) I was thankfull that the shops were open and got 4 spare tires ( better tread patten but cheep) and hiched back. this morning I realighned my front wheels, fitterd tires and hedded off.
after 90km r so the tires showed almost only normal where for that distence. but
about 5km before eliot the rear pannel mount snapped off. fuck. atleast it was close to town and will be a streghtforward weld, but being sunday the local mecanics wont be able to do untill tomorrow. so now Im camped down a tiy little sandy side track just oult of eliot pretending Im not here.
atleast the sunset was great

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