Sunday, 28 July 2013

serial f***ing breakdowns

having finally made it to kathrine ( with the bike) and done a day of mantenence I headed oult only to find 13km up the road that the frame where the rear spring mounts onto the main frame. so I headed back to town and cocos backpackers ( where I was kindly allowd to camp free) where I knew there was a welder.

40km up the road my ( short) chain starts jumping of even though its tight, ( i had stoped and tenchoned it just after leaving Kathrine) f******** under closer inspection I find that the drivin sprocket is bent an...d worn, badly. not worth bending back agean, itd done nearly 4000km so I pulled oult the spare and changed it. having done that I went to put a bit of pressure in one of my tires that seemed to have a gradual leek and f************ the valve was gone. so in with a new tube. and back on the road. but that was 150km or so agoe now.

now heading towards darwin its intresting to watch the vegetation become wetter, there are palms and ferel bamboo in the creks.

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