Sunday, 4 August 2013

having finally got the bike running happerly I headed on to lichfield national park, dispite the swalms of turists it was great.


 having viseted lichfield I headed to up to darwin, nothing broke.woo hoo.

 great markets, walm weather nice beaches but the standoult is, for me atleast the shoal bay waste manegment fecility. the best tip shop I have ever been to. this place has everything, cars, boats, trailers, heaps of bikes, power tools, books, kichen aplyences, and clothing. well orginised and resnably priced, not super cheep but cheeper than many outher smaller shops. Ive now got new forkes on boath sides ( suspenchon on boath sides now) new bushings and spring for the rear suspenchon, a critical linkage that I have been worryd about since before I left. I still have the old ones, just in case.

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