Tuesday, 10 September 2013

sorry that its been a wile between posts, Ive made it to kununura (spectacular)
, lost my phone. made it to broome, (180km of witch limping on compleatly trashed bearirngs, think cable tires) after a couple of days in broome ( got new phone) on sunday arvo I somhow managed to get a couple of fingers caught between the drive chain and sproket, broke the tips of the bone, not pritty. thankfully a couple of amasing people from broome had given me somwhere to so I left the bike is with them. thankyou. I stayed in perth now with a family freand, and my fingures were operated on about a week ago. yesterday I got back to broome. im now waiting on a new set of front wheels that glow worm cycles kindly donated ( just when I needed a new wheel)

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