Friday, 9 August 2013

little ' incedent ' with a road tran

every time I get into, or near, or think about Kathrine something seems to break. after no breakages for, 800km or so ( since I left Kathrine.) 10km out a road train comes up behind me ( I was in cruse control doing about 28 down the hill). It was a clear run in front of me and, their was a little white thing. about when I saw it I saw the train pull back in towards me, he'd seen it to.
 glancing to the side I saw a beautifully arranged section of dirt. No worries, I thought.
the trick with road trains is not to look back, but count the trailers, to work out when to think about pulling back in. I guessed this one had 4, a good guess. after trailer 2 or 3 I glanced from the slowly moving truck ( who had slowed down when he saw the car) to the 'good edge in front of me. my good surface had become a sires of canyons to rival the grand canyon, it should be a tourist destination. In slow motion, unwilling to pull into/ under trailer 3 and 4, and not confident of the trikes gliding ability's, I took the only option remaining, flicking out of cruse I swerved ( to fast for comfort) into the unknown of the mown edge of the road. I smashed threw a few of the smaller crevasses and swung around a bit before finally coming to rest on the side of the road, upright, and apparently still rolling. I was so glad to have replaced my suspension in Darwin.
I was expecting multiple f**ed wheels broken spokes, stuff fallen of and perhaps broken welds, just lots of broken s**t.
I was pleasantly surprised to find, only one badly warped wheel, the front other damage, I hadn't even broken any spokes on the back. Amazing. I will be dropping back into the Kathrine tip for a new wheel on the way west tomorrow, but that's it.

irrelevant photo, from before my, incident

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