Sunday, 6 October 2013

Im clearly becoming a bit slack with this. from broome I gunned it down to port headland, serious headwinds have been slowing be down a bit but, I still made decent time. it was really great to be back on the bike. I made it into port headland on my 19th birthday, celerbrating with an overpriced icecream wile I worked oult where I was staying. 
 ( water, woo hoo) I made decent time from port headland to karagini national park, headwinds in the morning, semi tail winds in the afternoon.

 this section of road did however have a shitload of roadtrains, witch are always interesting.

after a great tour in the gorges ( thanks to west Aus active) and thanks to my pairents for sending me on the tour. I headed oult to coral bay, shitty headwinds, painfully touresty but nice beaches and snorkering.

now Ive made it  about 120km south of carnarvon and managed to crack my back rim, new one's on its way.

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