Sunday, 13 October 2013

I called the local  ( 350 km away) bike shop and managed to get a wheel sent up,  amasingly it  turned up that nignt and I was able to change all the important bits over that night. the old wheel had done an amasing job, though all that was original was the hub and rim itd done whell. it was sad to see it go.
note the chocolate (packet)

I was back on the road

with trees, and paddocs, then sewn crops, and setelments.

oult of gereldton, in tim winton coountery, following the beach along, its so diferent to further north. I had another discussion with the cops, mutch the same as outhers, one did say ( almost to my amusment, but I wasent in the mood) ' the thing youve got to understand abut WA is we hsvr trucks. He did know that Id just come from the NT, it just seemed comical to get that kind of walning just after the roadtrains started to become little ( and a bit pethietic.)


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