Sunday, 17 November 2013

Perth to the border

I headded oult of perth withoult any dramas, made it to the cute little town of York, its a loverly little place only100km from the city with lots of historic buildings.

At about york I hit the WA wheetbelt, finding good camps became a littler harder, but it was nice to have a bit of a change of seneary. unforchenatly it was only now that I discoverd how mutch better a little campfire was for coocking rice than a trangia flame. next trip I will know better. a big feture of this landscape is the rather large chunks of granete everywhere, good for breakfast.

After the wheetbelt I headded threw to the great weston woodlands, a vast aria of reletivly low woodlands, of some botanicla significance, ( what exactly Im not 100% shure) but it was a really nice aria to ride threw and I had half a day of tailwinds, a welcome relief after a week of head winds. the forest reminded me, somhow of the subalpine snowgum woodlands back home.

I stocked up with food in norseman, knowing that my next genrull store was 1200km or so further on and hit the Nulabour.

And ye it was straght. for a bloody long way.

I did become ( somwhat) bord at times and resauted to onroad selfies ( I beleave thats what people do nowdays) so the closest I get is a nulabour selfie.
finally I hit SA

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