Sunday, 17 November 2013


Into Sa and along the top of the banduna cliffs,

I mean there wasent a lot elce going on, exept that I was lerning to coock with saltbush.
finally I was off the no tree plain and back in the woodlands. amazingly nothing really broke across the nulabour, and the wheel held up butifully with no broken spokes. but I did have a headwind every day, exept for the first afternoon. I was not impressed by this.

 I started my longest day of the trip just before Iron Knob, the birthplace of the australian steel industy. it was a thriving towm untill the mine shut down and the town basically died. forchenatly a small number of pashenate resedents have given thier time to give the place enegy and I had a great visit. this comunity is a brilliant example of what people can do with some comittment and effort. well done. it was my longest day of the trip, 250km good sun in the morning and a tailwind in the aternoon went a long way. the good weather did not keep up and it took another 2 days to cover the remaining 160km or so into Adelaide.

 after a days rest in adelaide, where it was a welcome novelty to not be the only bike, I headded back towards the border, less than ideal weather was slowing me down a bit, but not to mutch, the adelaide hills were loverly and a lot of the little hyway towns were quite nice.

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